For several years, the Pin Club has become an important part of the growth and vitality of North Hunterdon Wrestling.  Not only do we raise significant funds through this program – typically ~$15,000 per year - but together we have developed innovative ways to draw our already passionate community even closer together.

Here are just a few initiatives supported by the Pin Club:
• Match Notes - sent electronically to every Pin Club member prior to each match, providing anticipated lineups and records for North and each opponent along with commentary from coaches about what to expect in key matches.
• Live streaming of the North Hunterdon High School Wrestling Matches.  The Pin Club provided financial backing to purchase equipment for Jared Klimas and his production team and they really ran with it! Jared and team developed a production capability has been incredible.  Following the success with live streaming matches last season, the program has been expanded to provide streaming services for home events at all North Hunterdon High School sporting events. The Pin Club was at the ground floor of this truly innovative enhancement to the North Hunterdon experience.
• A WORLD CLASS off-season wrestling program for our Middle School and High School Wrestlers, including:
o Supplemental freestyle training
o Weight training supported by a collegiate-level lifting program (University of West Virginia Wrestling Team)
o ~10 dual meet tournaments (including the NHSCA National Duals in Virginia Beach)
o Individual sponsorship to regional and national-level tournaments
o Off-season gear…NHWC singlet, shorts and shirt for all participating wrestlers!
o The opportunity for 40+ matches/wrestler/off-season!
• Pin Club member-only social gatherings.  Used to educate members about the program, and perpetuate our wrestling family.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 annually through committed Pin Club pledges before the first High School match in December.  Additional information including links for registration are sent out in November.
The wrestlers are committed, the coaches are committed, and now we need your continued commitment!  Whether you are a current Wrestling Parent, North Wrestling Alumni, or simply a fan of North Wrestling - there is a place for you in the Pin Club!
Please contact us using the Contact section within this site with any questions!